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WhytManga Art Contest 2016! Join and have fun in one of the oldest art contests youtube! #WM16…
Hola Amigos, :iconodunze: a qui
(I hope that little spanish was right lol, moving on...)

#AppleBlack has been NOMINATED for the #GMIAwards. Please if you want to help support the series moving forward PLEASE VOTE using the link below. If you don't have a GMI account, you will need to create a profile on the GMI site first in order to VOTE, if you try to vote without an account, you will be directed to create an account then you may try to vote again and it should work fine, don't worry, it does not take much time to create a profile and I hope it's not too much regardless. Any Help or support towards any of my projects (WhytManga, Apple Black, Saturday-AM and others) is very well Appreciated! as winning will also help me a little bit monetarily. Eitherway, THANKS TO ALL FOR THE SUPPORT SO FAR! and Congrats to all other nominated and Thanks to GMI for making this even possible.

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:bulletred: Before you join the group, READ THESE RULES. It's important that you follow these rules when you submit ANYTHING to the group. These rules are enforced at all times.


:bulletred: No breaking dA rules.

:bulletred: Submit to the correct folder. Visit the folders and to see what types of artwork best belong where.

:bulletred: If one of the gallery folders becomes full, let us know.

:bulletred: If you are unable to scan your work, make sure the photographs are well lit and the art clearly visible. Use clean, unlined paper. The focus must be on the artwork. Do not take photographs at an angle. If your photographed manga/artwork is hard to see from the thumbnail/uncomfortable to look at, it will not be accepted.

:bulletred: WIPs are not accepted. Finish your piece and then submit it. You will better see what you need to work on in a finished piece. Learn from your current piece. Improve with the next one.

:bulletred: All forms or Fanart, regardless of genre MUST go to the Fanart folder.

:bulletred: Colored-in manga pages/copies of specific panels are not accepted.

:bulletred: If your work contains mature/sensitive content, and/or has a mature tag on it, it MUST be submitted into the Mature folder.

:bulletred: If your piece gets declined, chances are you submitted it to the wrong folder, or does not meet the minimum quality requirement for photographed artwork. Other than that, it may have been deemed inappropriate.

Group Conduct:

:bulletred: Be polite.

:bulletred: No fighting.

:bulletred: Group comments is not open for RPs.

:bulletred: If you would like us to promote a contest or an event, note the group about it and we will consider. :)

If you have any questions, please do not be afraid to ask the admins here.








Artist Listing

Manga|Comic Publisher
1. Saturday-AM
Saturday AM 18 Cover: Descend by odunzeSat-AM6 by odunzeSaturday AM Issue #1 JAM Cover by odunzeApple Black Volume One Cover by odunze

Request takers
2.:iconskimra: [ No mature content ]
3.:iconanimeportraits: will only draw official anime characters and no mature content.

Commission takers
4. :iconkondouyumi-tan:
5. :iconketsuzoku:
8. :iconeli-hinze: More info:
9. :iconmieulinhtu: More info:
10. :icondragonolia: More info:
11. :icontokito-sempai: More info:…
12.:iconanimeportraits: will do digitally colored anime characters and OCs.

Art trade takers

Story Writers looking for artists
1. :iconketsuzoku:
2. :iconsenhin:
3. :iconsteelkevin:
4. :iconaristedes:
5. :iconsnowcrazy:
6. :iconblazetame:
7. :icondivinethr33:
8. :iconfyrefly12:
9. :iconspicytaco1:
10. :iconmichlearie:
11. :iconvicky271: is looking for an artist for a romance story. Details are here: [link]
12. :iconcmd1095:
13. :iconyotosun:
14. :iconlanceglasnorth:
15. :iconyerosenpai:

Manga Artists looking for a Writer:new:
1.:iconathanasia-valkyrie: looking for a writer for a life-issues dram manga athanasia-valkyrie.deviantart.…
2.:icongx-ksjy: would like a manga illustator for a shouen /shojo comedy romance supernatural genres

Manga Artists looking for Translators:new:

Manga Artists looking for help:new:
1.:iconsaigo-no-shoshin: is looking for help with backgrounds and screentoning.
2.:icontokito-sempai: is looking for editors for a manga, Bittersweet Memories. It is a samurai shoujo with some action, but the main focus is romance.
3.:iconoptorylpulpus: would like some help with how they could develop their art style, to get reviewing of some of their scripts and other advice.
4.:icontheaxewarrior: is looking for someone to draw teasers for his manga.
5.:iconthatguywholikesstuff: is looking for help with backgrounds and/or editing.
6.:icongeneral17z: would like help with backgrounds and effects.
7.:icongossart1323: Looking for story writer and panel help

other contests off of dA-MangaMakers

just send :iconsensousanka: a note if you want your contest put up here, commission status or request. Also, very important please put a link to a journal for your rules and information for said, help, commissions, trades etc. :star:

If we haven't already affiliated your group and you want yours affiliated, or you have a group you want that you are a member of to affiliate with us, please note or message the group. Please if you affiliate a group make sure it is Manga or illustration related as well ;P


WhytManga Youtube Channel:
WhytManga Facebook:
WhytManga Twitter:

I am the Creator (Writer and Artist of Apple Black) and Apple Black is serialized in the shonen Manga Anthology magazine "Saturday-AM".

Saturday AM 18 Cover: Descend by odunzeSat-AM6 by odunzeSaturday AM Issue #1 JAM Cover by odunzeApple Black Volume One Cover by odunze


Apple Black Home On Saturday-AM:…

Group Info

:damphyr:This is a group about Manga all over deviantART! You may submit your Manga to the club to have it promoted!
Founded 6 Years ago
Dec 23, 2009


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8,152 Members
7,060 Watchers
119,723 Pageviews
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AxcelBiaz Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2016  New Deviant Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Just a normal person who enter the world of MANGA (^.^)
LttleGhost Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I've recently started to draw some manga and such, most of it has been some silly short test stories or one page type things but I'd really like to share them, only trouble is that I tend to draw my self insert OC in the Soul Eater world interacting with canon characters, and I'm not sure if that's really allowed and a little more confused as to what folder I'd put it in if it was
(1 Reply)
KevinLK92 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2016
Hi can you pls add me to the group? Wanna share art :)
(1 Reply)
Dannon5 Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Mind if I join as well? I mostly draw manga
(1 Reply)
DarthTwilight Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2016
May I affiliate my group with yours, please?…
(1 Reply)
Pristine1281 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2015  Professional General Artist
I have a question.  I did a request piece with an Original Character but takes place in a location that's copyrighted.  So does this go in the Original or Fanart folder?  Thanks.
(1 Reply)
BizzaroSafer Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for letting me join! :)
LeAlbus Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Anyone wants to collaborate with me? I've been writing a (really big) story for almost 4 or 5 years but I need an artist, it will be just a hobbie at the beginning, but, who knows, the story isn't just another story, seriously. 
Griffonmender Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Um, hi. ^^;
I plan on making a comic, but would like to know your number of submissions limit ahead of time. ^^
(1 Reply)
Akiyata Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I greatly apologize for the past few months of submissions expiring. I was not able to get on DeviantArt for quite a while due to both laptop issues and business with college. I don't know if any of the other admins voted at all during my absence, but I went through hundreds of submissions yesterday. I apologize for the many that had expired, and now that my laptop is working and the semester is ending, I expect to be able to vote on submissions regularly again. 

I also extended the deadlines for expiration, and I limited it to just one submission per person per folder a week. Hopefully this will prevent deviations from stacking up to impossible amounts again. Please remember to submit to the correct folders as well. Thank you for your patience.
(1 Reply)
Geminine-nyan Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Is this group still on? :-? (Confused) I've been sending my work since September, and it always expires :meow:
(2 Replies)
ReaperJr150 Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2015
Yo guys thx for adding me hope my contributions will help, also i was wondering, which fold would i put story lines in or is there no fold for that yet? Thx for the help :) 
(1 Reply)
FlashFists Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2015
Hello. I’m am making a manga. I have a plot and characters and a artist but I need a good writer to fill in the blank areas, dialog, and fight choreography. My manga is a action, adventure, comedy, drama, you know... a shounen. I’m willing to discuss a rational pay for his/her work. This is personal for now but I hope too get it published when I find the right writer. Are you the right writer? Thank you. Robert
Benepearl Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey there, I'm just a hobbyist, but if people are looking for a manga artist to draw a few scenes or their characters or just for help, I'd be more than willing to if you want, but not long term thing just a quick request kinda thing I guess to get you kick started! send me a note if you want that kinda help and look at my gallery if you think my drawing style is suitable for you, I can vastly change it X)
GossArt1323 Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi! I'd like to be added to the list of manga artists looking for help or looking for an author. I have whole plot for a story but I'm having a really hard time writing it on paper and getting panels to be in a good looking position. Take your time adding me to the list! Thank you! <3
(1 Reply)
bloodyjuicy Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2015   Digital Artist
hai everyone
i want to tell you that i have a kiriban at 1000 pageviews right now.
so if you visit my page and see 1000 pageviews. that means you are the winner
and you can get 1 free headshot colored commission from me.
you can see the rules here:
thank you for reading :)
Biciomanga Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
thanks for accepting me in the group XD
circleswontbreak Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2015  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
id like to start a partnership with an artist, a passionate yet coolheaded person more or less as this would be a long term project.. currently, i have a novel that i want to be drawn in manga.. if possible id like paid commision.. leave me a note if interested
bloodyjuicy Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2015   Digital Artist
thanks for letting me join 
WarOfTerror Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2015
Hello! I have a question about the WIPs
When you say you cannot submit an artwork that is a WIP, are you talking about the single page or artwork, or the manga as a whole (as in, the manga needs to be complete before submited)?
(1 Reply)
Akiyata Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Yooo, admin here. I have to take my laptop to be fixed, so I will not be on to accept deviations into the group. I don't know how long it'll be before I get it back, so I apologize in advance if any of your deviations expire.
(1 Reply)
SubtractionalPylons Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I was going to ask to join but I'd like to know first, Do you consider 4koma submissions as valid manga?
(1 Reply)
EarthBenderCharlie Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for letting me join and accepting my first posts! :) 
(1 Reply)
Jcl-art Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2015  Professional Filmographer
Thanks for the accepting, I was wondering how many submissions per day/week are allowed?
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